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Experienced, motivated and expertly trained

Saltbush Group offers employment conditions that attract the highest calibre people and motivate them to deliver an extremely high quality of service to our customers.

Our staff retention rate is evidence of our ability to provide a working environment our people appreciate. We employ the best people and offer them employment conditions in excess of normal industry standards.

This can be demonstrated by our ability to grow to a 50+ company without the need to publicly advertise for personnel at any time during our corporate growth cycle. Our skill sets include:

I-RAP Trainers / Implementers & Trained Evaluators

CISSP / CISM Professionals

SCEC-Endorsed Consultants

CISA / CPA / CPP Professionals

ITIL Professionals

MCSE / MCP / CCNE Consultants

Cert IV Qualified Trainers / Instructors

JAS / ANZ Qualified Auditors

ISO 27001 Certification Auditors

JavaME / Symbian / iPhone / Windows Mobile / Android Portable Device Applications

Prince2 / PMBok Project Managers

UNIX / Network / Firewall Administrators


David Jarvis

David is a Saltbush Group director and a director of each of the Saltbush service delivery companies. He holds a Bachelor of Business and a Diploma in Applied Science and is also a Certified Practicing Accountant.

One of the few ICT security specialists in Australia accredited to undertake ISO/IEC 27001 certification audits, David also holds the distinction of being the first to accredit an Australian organisation to that standard. David was also responsible for the establishment of the Standards Australia certification arm for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

An accredited training instructor, David has been responsible for training candidates under the Defence Signals Directorate Information Security Registered Assessor Program (I-RAP) and currently administers it on behalf of DSD.

A co-founder of SecureLink, David was instrumental in managing the merger and has become the driving force behind business development activities across the Group.

Scott Preston

Scott is a Saltbush Group director and a director of each of the Saltbush service delivery companies. He has 30 years experience in the IT Industry, 20 of which have been dedicated to IT security.

After positions within the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Admiral Management Services (now Logica), Scott co-founded SecureLink as an ICT consulting company in 2002.

Scott was pivotal in directing the merger of SecureLink and AnswerZ into the Saltbush Group and has managed the process of obtaining ISO 9001 compliance for the new company.

Bernie Ryan

Bernie is a Saltbush Group director and a director of each of the Saltbush service delivery companies. He has been involved in the provision of ICT services since the late 1970s. In addition to a Bachelor of Business Administration and various other qualifications, Bernie has been an I-RAP assessor for a number of years.

Prior to establishing and running his own consulting practice in 1991, Bernie had experience in various technical and management capacities with several international IT firms as well as fourteen years in IT and personnel services in the Australian Public Service.

Active in a range of Saltbush engagements, Bernie is particularly involved with those Saltbush clients operating in highly classified environments.

Clem Colman

Clem is a Saltbush Solutions director. As an IT graduate from the Australian National University in 1995 his initial experience was with BHP Information Technology giving him exposure to the operations of a diverse mix of government and private businesses.

In 1998 Clem founded an ICT service provider, known as Green Light IT, where he served as Managing Director. In 2010 Green Light IT merged into the Saltbush Group of companies as Saltbush Solutions.

Clem is widely recognised for his ability to analyse complex situations, whether business or technical, and devise practical solutions.

David Asman

David is a Saltbush Development director and has been working in the IT industry since 1995, with a focus on software development and enterprise management. David holds a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) from the Australian National University.

David has a broad range of development experience encompassing the use of Java for enabling secure, enterprise-level applications through to developing applications for mobile platforms. David advocates the use of techniques such as literate programming, static code analysis and unit testing to underscore his focus on software development as a rigorous discipline.

Greg Breen

Greg is a Saltbush Training director and a senior security consultant for the group. Greg's background in telecommunications and computer engineering provided the basis for his early involvement in Internet security and he was responsible for many of the Government and large Corporate Gateways that were installed throughout Australia in the 1990s and 2000s.

Greg was the first CISSP in Australia in 1998 and became a CPP in 1999. Through Saltbush Training, Greg helped develop the first nationally recognised qualification for ICT Security Management and he continues to develop, present and assess people in a wide range of security disciplines.

Greg's unusual career path has seen him become qualified as a Consultant in both ICT and Physical security, mainly to the more sensitive areas of Government. Greg is also a SCEC Endorsed Consultant under the ASIO T4 accreditation scheme.

Glen Smith

Glen is a Saltbush Development director and is an internationally recognised speaker and practitioner specialising in Agile Enterprise Software Development. With a Masters in Information Technology majoring in Advanced Programming, Glen has over fifteen years of experience in architecting and developing highly available systems including for one of the largest Australian Government websites.

In addition to presenting at international software conferences such as JavaOne, Glen has mentored many teams in Agile processes and is also the author of a successful book on Agile Web Development entitled 'Grails In Action'.

Robert Winkel

Robert is a Saltbush Assurance director, has studied a Double Bachelors Degree in Computer Science / Communications and Electronic Engineering, and two Masters Degrees in Science, majoring in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. Robert worked in Defence for 13 years, which has given him a solid background and wide ranging experience in technical security research, development and analysis.

After 13 years in technical security research, development and analysis roles, Robert left Defence in 2007 to focus on ICT Security. With the establishment of the Saltbush Group, Robert accepted a position of director for Saltbush Assurance, leading the quality and security assurance practice. Technical security assurance is an area of particular interest to Robert, underpinned in no small measure by his extensive experience in Digital Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Penetration Testing and Social Engineering.

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